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SkidLift Series - LV & LVE Skid Lift

SkidLift™ – Mobile Handling Transporter For Skids And Open-Bottom Pallets

The Bishamon LV and LVE Skid Lifts are rugged, fork-style lifts that raise loads to a convenient working height. By offering easy mobility, these skid lifts reduce worker injury and improve productivity. The Bishamon Skid Lifts are available in eight models with both wide and narrow fork widths and two capacities to fit almost any application.
The biggest selling feature we have compared to the competition is our lower captured roller channel which provides increased stability and is much safer to use.

Bishamon Skidlifts or Skidlifters are made to handle heavy-duty, tough jobs. The frame and forks are made of heavy gauge steel and sturdy welds, while the lower captured roller channel delivers enhanced stability. Superior hydraulics with twin, heavy-duty lifting chains deliver a shorter lift stroke and reduce cylinder wear. The quality baked enamel finish protects the equipment from tough working conditions. Bishamon lifts will last for years with minimal maintenance.

Skid Lift LV Table Specifications

Skif Lift LV (Non-Battery) Specifications

ModelTravelCapacityOverall Fork Dimensions Width x LengthFork Height LoweredFork Height RaisedPumps to Max. HeightApprox. Ship Weight
LV-1029.5 in.1,000 lbs.20.5 x 42.5 in.3.3 in.32.8 in.50300 lbs.
LV-10W29.5 in.1,000 lbs.27.0 x 42.5 in.3.3 in.32.8 in.50321 lbs.
LV-10029.5 in.2,200 lbs.20.5 x 42.5 in.3.3 in.32.8 in.48325 lbs.
LV-100W29.5 in.2,200 lbs.27.0 x 42.5 in.3.3 in.32.8 in.48376 lbs.

Skid Lift LVE Table Specifications

Skid Lift LVE (Battery Operated) Specifications

ModelTravelCapacityOverall Fork Dimensions Width x LengthFork Height LoweredFork Height RaisedLift Time SecondsApprox. Ship Weight
LVE-50E29.5 in.1,000 lbs.20.5 x 42.5 in.3.3 in.32.8 in.7340 lbs.
LVE-50WE29.5 in.1,000 lbs.27.0 x 42.5 in.3.3 in.32.8 in.7370 lbs.
LVE-100E29.5 in.2,200 lbs.20.5 x 42.5 in.3.3 in.32.8 in.7440 lbs.
LVE-100WE29.5 in.2,200 lbs.27.0 x 42.5 in.3.3 in.32.8 in.7460 lbs.

LV / LVE Design Features

  • Easily accessible hand controls
  • Heavy gauge steel and sturdy welds throughout
  • Steel lifting forks
  • Twin heavy-duty lifting chains with a 2 to 1 lifting ratio 
  • Lower captured roller channel provides increased stability
  • 180-degree rotating steering handle on LV-100 models
  • Polyurethane wheels with quality bearings
  • Superior hydraulic systems are proven on a range of applications
  • Quality baked enamel finish
  • Optional tabletop accessory converts skid lift to a mobile lift table
  • Easily accessible up/down lever hand control
  • Automatic battery charger on LVE models
  • 12 volt, deep cycle battery on LVE models

Skid Lift Highlights

Bishamon LV dual hand control

LV Handle Manual Pump

LV-100 Dual Handle Control

Bishamon LV foot pump

Skid Lift Foot Pump

LV (Manual Pump) Models LV-100 Foot Pump

Bishamon LVE power unit control box

Battery Control Box

LVE (Battery Operation) Models LVE Power Unit Control Box

Bishamon LVE raise lower lever control

LVE Battery Lever Control

LVE (Battery Operation) Models LVE Raise/Lower Lever Control

Bishamon SkidLift LV & LVE FAQs

Bishamon skid lifts are designed to handle demanding heavy-duty tasks. This series of skid lifts has a lifting capacity of 2200 lbs with an offset 180-degree rotating steering handle. Their captured scissor design provides enhanced stability. LV and LVE  lift tables have heavy gauge steel and sturdy welds throughout.

The mobility feature on the LV and LVE skid lifts contributes to increased productivity and reduced worker injuries. The lower captured roller channel ensures superior stability and significantly increases safety during operation. The caster has a locking foot brake.

Bishamon LV and LVE skid lifts raise loads to a convenient working height. Each LV and LVE model has adjustable lift and lowering controls, enabling precise positioning of the forks at any point between the lower and upper travel limits.

Bishamon’s lifts offer versatility and have a dual function – lifting and lowering skids (including open-bottom and euro-style pallets) while also providing mobility for effortless movement in and out of the work cell.

 The power source for manual Bishamon lift models has an integrated foot pump while a 12­volt DC power unit provides the lifting power for electric models.

Our LV/LVE series skid lifts improve material handling productivity and increase efficiency to meet a variety of demanding applications while reducing potential worker injury. When it comes to improving ergonomics and facilitating workforce access, Bishamon skid lifts excel, offering a rugged, high-rise, fork-style design.

LV series skid lifts are available in eight models including both wide and narrow fork widths and capacities to 2,200 lbs. to fit almost any application.

 The Bishamon LV and LVE skid lift table is controlled using an easily accessible up/down hand-held control. This hand-held control is connected to the lift via a cable and allows the operator to raise or lower the platform by pressing the corresponding buttons or switches. This method provides precise control over the lifting and lowering functions, making it easier for operators to safely maneuver the skid lift tables as needed.

Bishamon lifts are built to endure for many years with minimal maintenance requirements.

Like any other equipment, maintenance requirements for Bishamon LV and LVE lift tables are essential to ensure safe and reliable operation. While specific maintenance guidelines may vary depending on the model and usage, here are some general maintenance tasks to follow:

  • Regular Inspections: Conduct routine visual inspections before each use to check for visible damage, loose fasteners, hydraulic fluid leaks, or worn components. Ensure that all safety features are in proper working order.
  • Cleaning: Keep the lift table clean and free from debris, dirt, and foreign objects that may interfere with its operation. Clean the platform and base as needed to maintain a safe working environment.
  • Lubrication: Lubricate moving parts, such as pivot points, rollers, and hinges, as recommended by the manufacturer. Use the appropriate lubricants specified in the user manual.
  • Hydraulic System: Inspect the hydraulic system for leaks, damaged hoses, or any signs of hydraulic fluid loss. Address any hydraulic issues promptly, as they can affect lifting performance.
  • Battery Maintenance (if applicable): If your lift table is powered by a battery, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for battery maintenance, including regular charging and proper storage.
  • Load Capacity: Do not exceed the lift table’s rated load capacity, as overloading can lead to equipment damage and cause safety hazards.
  • Platform Alignment: Ensure that the platform is properly aligned with the base and any attached equipment to prevent uneven loading or stability issues.
  • Safety Features: Verify that all safety features, such as emergency stop buttons, safety rails, and limit switches, are functioning correctly.
  • Operator Training: Ensure that operators are properly trained in the safe use and maintenance of the lift table. Encourage them to report any issues or concerns promptly.
  • Manufacturer’s Guidelines: Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures and intervals, which can be found in the user manual specific to your lift table model.
  • Professional Maintenance: For more extensive maintenance or repairs, consider having a qualified technician or service provider perform periodic inspections and maintenance tasks, especially for the hydraulic components and electrical systems.

The specific maintenance requirements for your Bishamon LV and LVE lift tables may vary depending on the model, so it’s important to refer to the user manual for detailed maintenance guidelines. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your lift tables. 

Our commitment at Bishamon is to provide innovative, top-quality ergonomic solutions that elevate worker safety and productivity. Our mission is to exceed customer expectations through ongoing product enhancements and close customer engagement. We consistently strive for exceptional quality, punctual delivery, and lasting value of all our products and services. 

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