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EZ UP EZU Series - Lift Tables

Pneumatic Scissor Lift Tables – EZ UP® EZU Series EZU-15, EZU-15-R, EZU-15-R-SS

EZ UP® units have a lift capacity of up to 1,700 lbs. and are made to provide powered lift equipment to areas without a power source.

The EZ UP Pneumatic Lift Tables have a clean, streamlined design that reduces the risk of injury, worker fatigue or damaged products. The EZup (sometimes called easy up) air lift tables can be integrated seamlessly in a variety of environments, including clean rooms, paint stations and food processing facilities. EZ up parts and optional accessories are also available for additional functionality.

EZ-UP Lift Table Specifications

ModelTravelPlatformPlatform LoweredPlatform RaisedCapacity @ 90 psiCapacity @ 100 psiApprox. Ship Wt
EZU-1520 in.28 x 48 in.9.6 in.29.6 in.15001700500 lbs.
EZU-15-R20 in.43″ Dia. Round10.6 in.30.6 in.15001700559 lbs.
EZU-15-R-SS*20 in.43″ Dia. Round10.6 in.30.6 in.15001700559 lbs.
*Stainless Steel Contsruction

EZ UP Specification Drawing - Model EZU-15

EZ UP Specification Drawing - Models EZU-15-R & EZU-15-R-S

EZ UP Design Features

  • EZ UP Pneumatic Lift Table uses shop air to lift and position loads for loading and unloading
  • Features a convenient rotating platform that eliminates the need for workers to reach, stretch or walk around the lift, thus minimizing worker strain and improving efficiency
  • Works well as a pallet positioner because of its rotating surface
  • Pneumatic lifts contain no electrical or hydraulic components
  • Made with high-quality structural steel and feature a Firestone airstroke actuator for lifting and lowering the load
  • These low maintenance lifts include entrapped scissor rollers for additional stability.
  • Platform is controlled by a three position hand lever that raises and lowers it to the desired height
  • The rotating models use a secured, ball bearing center pivot that ensures smooth movement
  • Features hinged maintenance bars powder coated yellow for safety
  • Durable powder finish that protects the steel from tough working conditions
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