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EZ UP EZU Series - Lift Tables

Pneumatic Scissor Lift Tables – EZ UP® EZU Series EZU-15, EZU-15-R, EZU-15-R-SS

EZ UP® units have a lift capacity of up to 1,700 lbs. and are made to provide powered lift equipment to areas without a power source.

The EZ UP Pneumatic Lift Tables have a clean, streamlined design that reduces the risk of injury, worker fatigue or damaged products. The EZup (sometimes called easy up) air lift tables can be integrated seamlessly in a variety of environments, including clean rooms, paint stations and food processing facilities. EZ up parts and optional accessories are also available for additional functionality.

EZ-UP Lift Table Specifications

ModelTravelPlatformPlatform LoweredPlatform RaisedCapacity @ 90 psiCapacity @ 100 psiApprox. Ship Wt
EZU-1520 in.28 x 48 in.9.6 in.29.6 in.15001700500 lbs.
EZU-15-R20 in.43″ Dia. Round10.6 in.30.6 in.15001700559 lbs.
EZU-15-R-SS*20 in.43″ Dia. Round10.6 in.30.6 in.15001700559 lbs.
*Stainless Steel Contsruction

EZ UP Specification Drawing - Model EZU-15

EZ UP Specification Drawing - Models EZU-15-R & EZU-15-R-S

EZ UP Design Features

  • EZ UP Pneumatic Lift Table uses shop air to lift and position loads for loading and unloading
  • Features a convenient rotating platform that eliminates the need for workers to reach, stretch or walk around the lift, thus minimizing worker strain and improving efficiency
  • Works well as a pallet positioner because of its rotating surface
  • Pneumatic lifts contain no electrical or hydraulic components
  • Made with high-quality structural steel and feature a Firestone airstroke actuator for lifting and lowering the load
  • These low maintenance lifts include entrapped scissor rollers for additional stability.
  • Platform is controlled by a three position hand lever that raises and lowers it to the desired height
  • The rotating models use a secured, ball bearing center pivot that ensures smooth movement
  • Features hinged maintenance bars powder coated yellow for safety
  • Durable powder finish that protects the steel from tough working conditions

Bishamon EZ UP EZU Series Air Lift Table FAQs

Bishamon EZ UP EZU series Air-powered lift tables, also known as pneumatic lift tables, are designed for a variety of industrial applications where hydraulic, motor, or electric power sources are not suitable or preferred. These tables are particularly useful in environments that require clean or non-electric power sources due to safety or contamination concerns, such as in combustible environments or areas where electrical currents are prohibited.

The operation of air powered lift tables involves connecting the table to a compressed air system. These tables use durable airbags to provide consistent and smooth lifting, with a relief valve to prevent pressure build-up and ensure overload protection. The air motor engages the hydraulic fluid, driving the ram that lifts the deck. Workers can control the lifting and lowering of the table by using an air valve pedal, adjusting the height as needed for the task at hand. Some models come with features like a hand-adjustable flow control valve to adjust the lowering speeds for operational safety and efficiency.

These air lift tables are highly valued for their versatility and ease of use, offering capacities ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 pounds and featuring designs that promote safety and reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries. They are built to withstand harsh and high-cycle environments, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial uses, including assembly work, machining, and product assembly among others.

Air-powered lift tables also come with options for customization, allowing for specific modifications to meet unique application requirements, enhancing their usability and efficiency in various industrial settings, such as manufacturing, processing, or distribution facilities.

A pneumatic lift table is an industrial tool designed for lifting and positioning heavy loads with the aid of compressed air, rather than using hydraulic fluids or electric motors. These tables are particularly useful in environments where cleanliness is crucial or in explosive atmospheres where electrical equipment could pose a risk. Pneumatic lift tables are known for their reliability, low maintenance, and safety features.

One of the key advantages of pneumatic lift tables is their simplicity and environmental friendliness. They do not require electricity, reducing the risk of sparks in hazardous environments, and do not leak hydraulic fluids, making them a cleaner option for industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Additionally, they can be easily integrated into existing pneumatic systems within factories or workshops.

Pneumatic lift tables are versatile and can be customized with various platform sizes, capacities, and heights to suit specific application needs. They are used across a wide range of industries for improving ergonomics, enhancing worker safety by reducing the need for manual lifting, and increasing operational efficiency.

Overall, pneumatic lift tables offer a durable, safe, and efficient solution for material handling and equipment positioning in various industrial settings.

The lifting capacity of the Bishamon EZ-UP EZU series lift tables is 1500-1700 lbs.

The EZ UP EZU series lift tables operate through a system powered by compressed air, which propels a piston inside a cylinder to either elevate or lower the platform. This setup enables the controlled and precise adjustment of goods to different heights, streamlining processes such as material handling, assembly, and loading tasks. The EZ UP EZU series has a hand lever control that allows for easy operation.

 Yes. There are three different easy up models available in the series.

The EZU-15-R-SS model is made of stainless steel for washdown and clean room applications.

  • EZU-15-R model is 10.4  lowered and 30.4 raised  
  • EZU-15 model is 9.6 lowered and 29.6 raised
  • EZU-15-R-SS model is 10.4 lowered and 30.4 raised  

Weight capacities are 1500-1700 lbs.

Featuring many of the sophisticated ergonomic benefits found in the well-regarded EZ Loader (equipped with captive air pallet positioners), the EZ-UP harnesses consistent shop air to enable the operator to accurately position loads for either loading or unloading tasks. Its built-in rotation ring eliminates the need for operators to reach across, stretch, or navigate around the pallet, establishing the EZ-UP as a peerless ergonomic device that significantly enhances productivity levels at your workplace.

 EZ UP EZU Series tables are constructed from heavy-duty structural steel with a rugged base frame. They have a durable and attractive polyester powder coating that adds life and superior corrosion resistance to their finish. Rotating models feature a secured center pivot with a ball bearing that provides smooth, even rotation. They have entrapped rollers on the base and platform for added stability. The EZ UP EZU series also has hinged maintenance bars.

Easy up lifts bring the work to a more accessible level for workers, minimizing the likelihood of injuries, reducing fatigue, and lowering the risk of harm to delicate items in progress. The built-in rotating ring removes the necessity for reaching, stretching, or circumnavigating the pallet, positioning the EZ-UP as an unparalleled ergonomic instrument that boosts efficiency within your operation.

The EZU-15-R  lift table has an optional valve stand for hand control.  Other options include a Rotator Ring Brake, Accordion Bellows skirting, and a rotating platform.

For a quote for a Bishamon EZ UP EZU series lift table, contact us at 1- 800-358-8833 US & Canada 909-390-0055 Outside US/CN.

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