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Lo-Profile LX Series - Low Profile Lift Tables

Electric-Hydraulic Low Profile Scissor Lift Tables– LoProfile™ Series​

Bishamon’s Lo Profile lifts are electro-hydraulic lift tables that offer heavy-duty lifting power and convenient low profile hydraulic lift functionality. These tables can handle capacities up to 4,400 lbs. and feature a variety of platform sizes and lift heights.

LoProfile tables can lift loads from a very low elevation of 2.9 in. to 4.3 in. This works well with handling equipment that requires a low profile, such as pallet jacks and 4-wheeled carts. LoProfile tables are safe and durable. Every model features a full-perimeter, electric toe guard around the platform that ensures operator safety. They are built with a heavy-duty construction and captured scissor rollers for enhanced stability.

LoProfile Lift Table Specifications

LoProfile – LX-100 & LX-200 Power Unit

E = 1 HP / 115V (115V Increase UP Time, LX-100 = 17 Sec., LX-200 = 35 Sec.)
1 = 1 HP / 230V / 1 PHASE
3 = 1 HP / 230V / 3 PHASE
3-480 = 1 HP / 480V / 3 PHAS

LoProfile Lift Table Specifications

ModelTravelCapacityPlatform Size W (A) x L (B)Platform Height Lowered (C)Platform Height Raised (D)Power UnitsApprox. Time UpApprox. Time DownApprox. Ship Weight
LX-25S18.0 in.550 lbs.23.5 x 32.5 in.2.9 in.20.9 in.1/2 HP / 115V7 sec.5 sec.213 lbs.
LX-25L27.1 in.550 lbs.23.5 x 40.0 in.2.9 in.30.0 in.1/2 HP / 115V10 sec.8 sec.257 lbs.
LX-50S18.0 in.1,100 lbs.23.5 x 32.5 in.2.9 in.20.9 in.1/2 HP / 115V13 sec.8 sec.228 lbs.
LX-50L27.1 in.1,100 lbs.23.5 x 40.0 in.2.9 in.30.0 in.1/2 HP / 115V20 sec.10 sec.277 lbs.
LX-100W35.5 in.2,200 lbs.34.5 x 51.0 in.3.3 in.38.6 in.1 HP (see notes)11 sec.15 sec.606 lbs.
LX-100N35.5 in.2,200 lbs.24.5 x 51.0 in.3.3 in.38.6 in.1 HP (see notes)11 sec.14 sec.529 lbs.
LX-200WM35.1 in.4,400 lbs.45.5 x 61.5 in.4.3 in.39.4 in.1 HP (see notes)23 sec.36 sec.1,109 lbs.
LX-200N35.1 in.4,400 lbs.33.5 x 55.5 in.4.3 in.39.4 in.1 HP (see notes)23 sec.36 sec.859 lbs.
LX-200WL35.1 in.4,400 lbs.45.5 x 81.0 in.4.3 in.39.4 in.1 HP (see notes)23 sec.36 sec.1,238 lbs.

LoProfile Highlights

LoProfile Design Features

  • Extremely low collapsed heights of 2.9″ to 4.3″ provides access for rolling products, carts or pallet trucks
  • Electric full-perimeter toeguard around the platform provides optimum operator safety
  • Heavy-duty construction with captured scissor rollers for maximum stability
  • Remote power unit with hand held control
  • 24V operator control voltage
  • High performance external electro-hydraulic power unit
  • Durable steel braided hydraulic hose

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