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LoProfile LX Series - Low Profile Lift Tables

Electric-Hydraulic Low Profile Scissor Lift Tables– LoProfile™ Series​

Bishamon’s Lo Profile lifts are electro-hydraulic lift tables that offer heavy-duty lifting power and convenient low profile hydraulic lift functionality.    These low profile lift tables can handle capacities up to 4,400 lbs. and feature a variety of platform sizes and lift heights.

LoProfile tables can lift loads from a very low elevation of 2.9 in. to 4.3 in.    This works well with handling equipment that requires a low profile, such as pallet jacks and 4-wheeled carts.    LoProfile tables are safe and durable.    Every model features a full-perimeter, electric toe guard around the platform that ensures operator safety.     Our Low Profile Lift Tables are built with a heavy-duty construction and captured scissor rollers for enhanced stability.

LoProfile Lift Table Specifications

LoProfile – LX-100 & LX-200 Power Unit

E = 1 HP / 115V (115V Increase UP Time, LX-100 = 17 Sec., LX-200 = 35 Sec.)
1 = 1 HP / 230V / 1 PHASE
3 = 1 HP / 230V / 3 PHASE
3-480 = 1 HP / 480V / 3 PHAS

LoProfile Lift Table Specifications

ModelTravelCapacityPlatform Size W (A) x L (B)Platform Height Lowered (C)Platform Height Raised (D)Power UnitsApprox. Time UpApprox. Time DownApprox. Ship Weight
LX-25S18.0 in.550 lbs.23.5 x 32.5 in.2.9 in.20.9 in.1/2 HP / 115V7 sec.5 sec.213 lbs.
LX-25L27.1 in.550 lbs.23.5 x 40.0 in.2.9 in.30.0 in.1/2 HP / 115V10 sec.8 sec.257 lbs.
LX-50S18.0 in.1,100 lbs.23.5 x 32.5 in.2.9 in.20.9 in.1/2 HP / 115V13 sec.8 sec.228 lbs.
LX-50L27.1 in.1,100 lbs.23.5 x 40.0 in.2.9 in.30.0 in.1/2 HP / 115V20 sec.10 sec.277 lbs.
LX-100W35.5 in.2,200 lbs.34.5 x 51.0 in.3.3 in.38.6 in.1 HP (see notes)11 sec.15 sec.606 lbs.
LX-100N35.5 in.2,200 lbs.24.5 x 51.0 in.3.3 in.38.6 in.1 HP (see notes)11 sec.14 sec.529 lbs.
LX-200WM35.1 in.4,400 lbs.45.5 x 61.5 in.4.3 in.39.4 in.1 HP (see notes)23 sec.36 sec.1,109 lbs.
LX-200N35.1 in.4,400 lbs.33.5 x 55.5 in.4.3 in.39.4 in.1 HP (see notes)23 sec.36 sec.859 lbs.
LX-200WL35.1 in.4,400 lbs.45.5 x 81.0 in.4.3 in.39.4 in.1 HP (see notes)23 sec.36 sec.1,238 lbs.

LoProfile Design Features

  • Extremely low collapsed heights of 2.9″ to 4.3″ provides access for rolling products, carts or pallet trucks
  • Electric full-perimeter toeguard around the platform provides optimum operator safety
  • Heavy-duty construction with captured scissor rollers for maximum stability
  • Remote power unit with hand held control
  • 24V operator control voltage
  • High performance external electro-hydraulic power unit
  • Durable steel braided hydraulic hose

LoProfile Highlights

Bishamon lx electric toeguard


Full Perimeter Electric Toeguard

Bishamon lx remote power unit

Power Unit

Remote Power Unit

Bishamon lx lowered height

Lowered Height

2.9" Lowered Height On Models Up to 1,100lbs

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