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Choose Your Scissor Lift Table

Scissor Lift Tables allow workers to position work at the most comfortable convenient height for easy, strain-free access. With a wide range of capacities, lifting heights, platform sizes and other options, including portability, turntables and hand pallet truck accessibilty, there are literally millions of configurations of ergonomic lift tables available.

Scissor Lift Table FAQs

A scissor lift table, also known as a scissor lift platform, is a type of material handling equipment designed to vertically raise or lower heavy loads.

The scissor mechanism of the lift table is powered by hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric systems, depending on the specific model. When activated, the mechanism expands or contracts, allowing the platform to move up or down in a controlled manner.

The use of a scissor lift enables the user to position goods or materials at a desired height for various purposes, such as loading/unloading, assembly, maintenance, or ergonomic adjustments.

Bishamon scissor lift lifting capacities vary from 440 lbs to 5,000 lbs. The capacity will be based on the model you order.

Depending on the model there are various safety features that are standard on the unit or can be added to the unit. The most common safety features related to Bishamaon products is a deadman switch for the controller, relief valve in hydraulics and the option for safety skirting.

Each unit will come with a mantonuse manual. The manual will advise on what needs to be done to take care of your unit.

Depending on the specific model there is some customization available to fit your specific need.

These tables are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and maintenance. They provide a safer and more efficient alternative to manual lifting and can help improve productivity while reducing the risk of injury associated with heavy lifting tasks.

Manual foot pumps, hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic are all different types of scissor lift tables. They come in different sizes, weight capacities, and configurations. 

Some models may include additional features like safety rails, rotating tops, or mobility options (such as wheels) for increased versatility. 

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