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EZ-Off Lifter - Pallet Positioner

EZ Off Lifter® – Low Profile Pallet Positioner With Pallet Truck Accessibility

The Bishamon EZ-Off Lifter is exceptionally safe and easy to use. It features a rotating platform with a unique, patented feet-clear safety circuit that automatically stops the platform 9 inches above the floor to prevent foot injuries. The EZoff is also equipped with safety warning lights and an alarm that alerts the operator before it lowers from the intermediate safety stop.

The EZ Off Lifter has a 40.5 in. diameter rotating disk that is supported by 32 precision ball bearings. Hydraulic lift and lowering is powered by an electric motor. It also features an integrated approach ramp that makes it easy for pallet trucks to access the platform.

EZ-Off Lifter Specification Drawing Model EZO-25E

EZ-Off Lifter Specification Drawing – Models EZO-25E-3S

EZ-Off Lift Table Specifications

ModelOperationVoltageCapacityPlatform LoweredPlatform RaisedMax. Pallet SizeRamp PositionInstallationApprox. Ship Wt
EZO-25EElec-Hydraulic115V, 1PH2500 lbs.1.75 in.30.00 in.44 x 48 in.1Free Standing1350 lbs.
EZO-25E-3SElec-Hydraulic115V, 1PH2500 lbs.1.75 in.30.00 in.44 x 48 in.3Anchor To Floor1350 lbs.

EZ-Off Design Features

  • Unique feet-clear safety circuit automatically stops the platform descent 9 in. above the floor surface preventing unintentional foot entrapment under the platform or pallet
  • Safety warning lights and alarm alert the operator before the platform lowers from the intermediate safety stop
  • Platform safety covers and chain cover guard against pinch points around mast, chain and rollers
  • Chain cover guards pinch points around the upper chain wheel
  • Unitized power unit / reservoir
  • 1/2 HP, 115V electric motor
  • 40.5 in. diameter rotating disk supported by 32 precision ball bearings
  • Automatic platform lock prevents platform rotation in the lowered position
  • Integrated approach ramp
  • Lifting tabs and platform catches for transporting with a fork truck
  • Rear leveling feet (EZO-25E)
  • EZO-25E-3S offers three ramp position options & pallet stop

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Bishamon EZ-Off Lifter FAQs

The Bishamon EZ-Off Lifter incorporates our patented “Feet Clear” safety system, significantly increasing operator safety during use. This system functions by automatically halting the descent of the lifting platform when it is 9 inches above the ground. This feature is specifically designed to prevent the risk of foot injuries by ensuring that feet do not get trapped under the platform or pallet during operation. In addition, the lifter is equipped with safety warning lights and an alarm, which notify the operator before the platform commences its descent from the intermediate safety stop, further enhancing safety precautions​​​. Its design facilitates easy pallet truck access and ensures safe and efficient operation​​​​.

The EZ-Off Lifter has several additional ergonomic and safety features making it easy to use and providing material handling efficiency. It is equipped with a rotating platform, supported by precision ball bearings, for easy load maneuvering. Safety covers and a chain guard are incorporated to prevent pinch-point injuries around the mast, chain, and rollers. The lifter is also equipped with an automatic platform lock to prevent rotation in the lowered position. It also has an integrated ramp for smooth access by pallet trucks. These features, combined with the “Feet Clear” system, underscore the pallet lifter’s commitment to operator safety and ergonomic efficiency in the workplace​​​​.

The Bishamon EZ-Off Lifter has a capacity of 2500 pounds. This capacity allows it to handle a significant amount of weight, making it suitable for various industrial and warehouse applications​​​​.

The rotating platform on the Bishamon EZ-Off Lifter offers these ergonomic benefits:

Reduced Physical Strain: The rotating platform allows workers to easily turn and position pallets without the need for manual lifting or dragging. This reduces physical strain associated with these tasks, especially in the back and shoulders.

Improved Accessibility: Since the platform can rotate, operators can access all sides of a pallet without needing to walk around it or reposition themselves. This is particularly beneficial in tight spaces where maneuvering is limited.

More Efficient: The ability to rotate the load easily means less time and effort are spent on repositioning, leading to increased productivity in loading and unloading tasks.

Safety: The rotating feature minimizes the need for workers to use awkward postures or movements that could lead to injury. By allowing the load to be turned mechanically, the risk of accidents associated with manual handling is significantly reduced.

Overall, the ergonomic design of the rotating platform on the Bishamon EZ-Off Lifter contributes to a safer, more efficient workplace by reducing physical exertion, improving accessibility, and minimizing the risk of injuries associated with manual pallet handling​​​​.

The power source for the Bishamon EZ lift requires less maintenance than internal combustion engines and other power sources making them practical for busy work environments.

The hydraulic lift and lowering mechanism of the Bishamon EZ-Off Pallet Lifter is powered by an electric motor that operates the hydraulic system efficiently, ensuring smooth, precise, and reliable lifting and lowering of the platform. It’s known for being energy efficient which reduces operational costs.

The integrated approach ramp on the Bishamon EZ Loader makes it easy for pallet trucks to access the platform. This ramp is designed for smooth entry and exit, reducing physical effort and improving efficiency in environments like warehouses and distribution centers.​

Each lifter weighs 1350 lbs. The EZ Off Lifter has a 40.5 in. diameter rotating disk that is supported by 32 precision ball bearings.

The Bishamon EZO-25E-3S model differs from the EZO-25E model primarily in terms of installation and ramp options:

Installation: The EZO-25E-3S model is designed to be anchored to the floor, providing extra stability and security during operation. This anchoring is especially useful in environments where heavy and frequent use is expected. The EZO-25E model does not necessarily require floor anchoring.

Ramp Positions: The EZO-25E-3S model offers multiple ramp positions, which can be advantageous in facilities with limited space or specific layout requirements. This feature allows for more flexibility in how the lifter is integrated into the workflow. The EZO-25E model has fewer ramp position options.

Both models share core features like the “Feet Clear” safety system, rotating platforms, and similar load capacities, but the differences in installation and ramp design make the EZO-25E-3S more adaptable for some businesses and specific industries.

The Bishamon EZ-Off Lifter is suitable for various types of installations, especially in environments where ergonomic lifting and material handling solutions are required. Its rotating platform and “Feet Clear” safety system, make it particularly useful in these settings, where safety, efficiency, and ergonomics are important considerations​​​​:

Warehouses and Distribution Centers: For lifting, rotating, and positioning pallets, aiding in loading and unloading tasks.

Manufacturing Facilities: Useful in assembly lines or areas where materials need to be frequently moved or repositioned.

Retail and Wholesale Outlets: Helps in the back-end handling of goods, especially in stock rooms and loading docks.

Logistics and Shipping Areas: Assists in preparing goods for shipment, ensuring efficient handling with reduced physical strain.

Workshops and Garages: Ideal for tasks that require lifting and handling of heavy materials or equipment.

The maximum size of a pallet that the Bishamon EZ-Off Lifter can accommodate is 44 inches by 48 inches. This size is suitable for standard pallets, making the pallet lift applicable for use in a variety of settings like warehouses and industrial facilities.

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