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Lift Pilot - Pallet Positioner

Bishamon Lift Pilot® – Pallet Elevator, Floor Level Pallet & Skid Positioner

The Lift Pilot is unlike any other pallet positioner product in the industry. It is pallet truck accessible and offers totally unobstructed access with no ramps, bumps or obstructions. This compact, obstruction-free design makes pan lifts, “C” lifts, “E” lifts and all other roll-on lifts practically obsolete. The unique space-saving design, the smallest footprint in the industry, gives the operator full access to pallet sides and end for easy pallet loading or unloading, eliminating reach-over

The innovative design of the Lift Pilot incorporates several intelligent features including telescoping forks, pallet presence sensors, and a patented, foot-clear, safety system. The operator has full access to pallet sides and ends for easy pallet loading or unloading. Handles GMA pallets from the end and CHEP pallets from the end or side. Intelligent design and operator interface: Pallet presence sensors, Highly visible function lights at top of mast & Voice instructions. Designed to operate with the worker in mind. The Bishamon Lift Pilot is truly the next generation of smart ergonomic equipment

Lift Pilot Specifications

Specification Drawing

Lift Pilot Lift Table Specifications

ModelCapacity @ 24″ Load CenterMax Raised Fork HeightFootprintPower RequiredApprox. Ship Wt
LP-252,500 lbs.37.5 in.37 x 40 in.115 VAC844 lbs.

Lift Pilot Design Features

  • Pallet truck accessible – no ramp
  • Pallet Raised Height = 38″
  • Capacity = 2500 Lbs @ 24″ Load Center
  • Overall Width = 37″ – Overall Depth = 40″
  • Overall Fork Width = 28″
  • Hydraulic Lift And Lower Operation
  • Individual Fork Width = 6.7″
  • Fork Lowered Height = 3.6″ – 4.6″ (Operator Selectable)
  • Electro-Mechanically Driven Forks
  • Patented “Foot Clear” Safety Design
  • Post And Toe Guard Anchored To Floor
  • 115 Volt AC Power Operation With Push Button Hand Control
  • Stop At Each Side Of The Carriage To Prevent Impact Damage

Lift Pilot Highlights

Bishamon Liftpilot operator console

Operator Console

Operator Console Mounted To Back Of Mast

Bishamon Liftpilot mast lights

Mast Lights

Mast Lights (Red & Green) To Indicate Pallet Presence And Fault Conditions

Bishamon Liftpilot pallet sensor

Pallet Sensor

Pallet Sensor To Detect Pallet Presence Before Extending Forks

Bishamon Liftpilot linear motion structure

Telescopic Fork

Linear Motion Structure With Telescoping Forks

Bishamon Lift Pilot FAQs

 The Bishamon Lift Pilot has the smallest footprint in the industry. With its revolutionary ergonomic design and space-saving telescoping forks, it lifts from the floor without ramps, bumps, or obstructions.

The Lift Pilot operator provides full access to pallet sides and the end for easy pallet loading or unloading, there are no obstructions to reach over.

With its intelligent design and operator interface, the Bishamon Lift Pilot has a unique space-saving design that has a pending patent. It also has a patented “Foot Clear” safety design with an automatic carriage stop. Intelligent design and operator interface.

The Lift Pilot model LP-25 has a lifting capacity of  2500 lbs at 24” load center.

The electro-mechanically driven telescoping forks have a linear motion structure and include a pallet sensor to detect pallet presence prior to extending.

The pallet sensor detects the pallet’s presence before extending its forks. The lifter is pallet truck-friendly, offering access without ramps, bumps, or barriers, and eliminates tripping hazards.

The Lift Pilot features a perimeter foot guard at the back, equipped with an independent pallet stop on either side of the carriage, designed to avoid impact damage. The post and toe guard are securely anchored to the floor. The Lift Pilot includes voice instructions.

The telescopic pallet lifter uses a hydraulic lift and needs 115 volts AC power for operation. It has a push-button hand control mounted to the back of the mast.

It features red and green lights at the top of its mast to signal the presence of a pallet and any fault conditions. The pallet sensors detect pallet presence before extending the telescopic forks. Its operational interface is highly efficient.

The Bishamon Lift Pilot has a Patented “Foot Clear” design with an automatic carriage stop that ensures it operates safely.

The dimensions of the Bishamon Lift Pilot are 37” wide by 40” deep with a fork length of 40’ or 48”.

The fork lowered height is  3.6” to 4.6”  with an overall fork width of 28”  and an individual fork width = of 6.7”. It has the smallest footprint in the industry.

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