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OPTIMUS LK Series - Stationary Lift Tables

OPTIMUS® Electric-Hydraulic Lift Tables Are Available in Three Models – Lift2K, Lift3K & Lift5K​


OPTIMUS® , LK-Series stationary scissor lift tables are highly engineered for quality and worker safety.  These scissor lift, work positioners set the standard by providing unparalleled performance and value.  They improve worker productivity and safety by eliminating unproductive lifting, bending and stretching that ultimately lead to worker fatigue and injuries.

Lift Table Specifications

LIFT2K Lift Table Specifications

ModelTravelCapacityPlatformPlatform LoweredPlatform RaisedVoltageApprox. Time UpApprox. Time DownApprox. Ship Wt
L2K-284830 in.2,000 lbs.28 x 48 in.8.50 in.38.50 in.115 VAC24 sec.12 sec.449 lbs.
L2K-364830 in.2,000 lbs.36 x 48 in.8.50 in.38.50 in.115 VAC24 sec.12 sec.469 lbs.
L2K-TT30 in.2,000 lbs.43″ Dia. Round11.50 in.41.50 in.115 VAC24 sec.12 sec.508 lbs.

LIFT3K Lift Table Specifications

ModelTravelCapacityPlatformPlatform LoweredPlatform RaisedVoltageApprox. Time UpApprox. Time DownApprox. Ship Wt
L3K-284834 in.3,000 lbs.28 x 48 in.8.63 in.42.63 in.115 VAC25 sec.12 sec.529 lbs.
L3K-364834 in.3,000 lbs.36 x 48 in.8.63 in.42.63 in.115 VAC25 sec.12 sec.551 lbs.
L3K-TT34 in.3,000 lbs.43″ Dia. Round11.75 in.45.75 in.115 VAC25 sec.12 sec.586 lbs.
L3K-Special34 in.3,000 lbs.(28×48 to 48×72 in 2″ increm.)8.63 in.42.63 in.115 VAC25 sec.12 sec.660 lbs.

LIFT5K Lift Table Specifications

ModelTravelCapacityPlatformPlatform LoweredPlatform RaisedVoltageApprox. Time UpApprox. Time DownApprox. Ship Wt
L5K-325639.25 in.5,000 lbs.32 x 56 in.8.75 in.48 in.115 VAC50 sec.24 sec.714 lbs.
L5K-487239.25 in.5,000 lbs.48 x 72 in.8.75 in.48 in.115 VAC50 sec.24 sec.920 lbs.
L5K-TT39.25 in.5,000 lbs.43″ Dia. Round11.87 in.51.12 in.115 VAC50 sec.24 sec.864 lbs.
L5K-Special39.25 in.5,000 lbs.(32×56 to 48×84 in 2″ increm.)8.75 in.48 in.115 VAC50 sec.24 sec.1075 lbs.

Optimus Options and Accessories

Optimus Design Features

  • Meets or exceeds ANSI MH29.1-2012 “Safety Requirements for Industrial Scissor Lifts”
  • Meets or exceeds industry safety clearances
  • Flow limiting safety valve at cylinder
  • Pressure compensated flow control at power unit
  • All pivot points have self-lubricating, maintenance free bushings
  • Contoured scissor legs and large torque tube maximize stiffness and stability
  • Unitized power unit with innovative easy-view hydraulic reservoir
  • Intuitive and user friendly plug & play controls
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Clean, accessible maintenance friendly design

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Optimus Highlights

Bishamon optimus power unit


Unitized Power Unit With Easy-View Hydraulic Reservoir

Bishamon lx remote power unit


480 VAC Motor With Low Voltage Controls Decreases Raise Time To 14 Seconds

Bishamon optimus plug & play


Intuitive And User Friendly Plug & Play Controls

Lift Table Safety Maintenance Bar Optimus Lift Table Bishamon


Hinged Maintenance Bars Powder Coated Yellow For Safety

Bishamon Optimus LK Series FAQs

Bishamon Optimus LK Stationary lift table offers both fixed and rotating platforms.

The Bishamon Lift2K, Lift3K, and Lift5K are part of the Optimus LK Series of stationary scissor lift tables, designed to enhance productivity while minimizing worker strain and risk of injury. These electric-hydraulic lift tables vary primarily in their lifting capacities and dimensions, catering to different industrial needs.

Optimus Lift2K models are designed with a capacity of 2,000 lbs and feature platform sizes like 28 x 48 inches and 36 x 48 inches. These work lifts have a travel distance of 30 inches, with platform heights ranging from 8.50 inches when lowered to 38.50 inches when raised. The approximate time for upward and downward movement is 24 and 12 seconds, respectively.

Optimus Lift3K models increase the capacity to 3,000 lbs, with similar platform sizes to the Lift2K but offering a greater travel distance of 34 inches. The platform heights range from 8.63 inches (lowered) to 42.63 inches (raised). These models also have an approximate upward and downward movement time of 25 and 12 seconds, respectively.

Lift5K models are the largest, with a 5,000 lb. capacity. They offer platform sizes such as 32 x 56 inches and 48 x 72 inches and have a travel distance of 39.25 inches. The platform height for these models ranges from 8.75 inches when lowered to 48 inches when raised, with longer approximate times for movements, being 50 seconds up and 24 seconds down.

Optimus LK models include hinged maintenance bars that are powder-coated yellow for safety. They also have contoured platform corners for operator safety. The Optimus LK series lift tables improve worker productivity and safety by eliminating unproductive lifting, bending, and stretching that lead to worker fatigue and injuries.

Their entrapped scissor rollers in the base frame and platform offer added stability.

Voltage requirements for the Optimus LK Series lift tables are 115 VAC.

Some accessories for the Optimus LK lift table series include accordion bellows and a foot control. It also has options for round or square models and EZ-cart portability.

Each model is engineered for safety and efficiency, featuring unitized power units, maintenance-free pivot points, and contoured scissor legs for stability. They are built to meet or exceed ANSI MH29.1-2012 safety requirements for industrial scissor lifts, ensuring a reliable and safe operation in various work environments​​​​.

Optimus LK series stationary lift table models have approximate shipping weights that vary from 469-680 lbs. depending on which model is being shipped.

Lift2K models have shipping weights ranging from approximately 449 lbs for the L2K-2848 model, 469 lbs for the L2K-3648 model, to 508 lbs for the L2K-TT model.

Lift3K models have shipping weights that start at approximately 529 lbs for the L3K-2848 model, 551 lbs for the L3K-3648 model and go up to 586 lbs for the L3K-TT model. There’s also a special L3K-special model weighing approximately 660 lbs.

Lift5K models have higher shipping weights, starting at approximately 714 lbs for the L5K-3256 model, 920 lbs for the L5K-4872 model, 864 lbs for the L5K-TT model, and reaching up to 1075 lbs for the L5K-Special model​​.

These weights reflect the robust construction and materials used in these lift tables to ensure durability and stability for various industrial applications.

Bishamon Optimus LK Series Lift Tables can be customized for specific applications. Bishamon’s commitment to increasing productivity while reducing worker strain and risk of injury is evident in its provision of various options and accessories to meet different industrial needs. These customizations can include different platform sizes, fixed and rotating platforms, and specific features designed to enhance the functionality and safety of the lift tables for particular tasks or environments.

These lift tables are designed with flexibility to accommodate unique requirements. The focus on safety and efficiency, adherence to ANSI safety requirements, and features like unitized power units and maintenance-free pivot points provide optimal performance in specific settings​​​​.

Standard models of the Optimus LK Series Bishamon scissor lift tables can ship in 48 hours.

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