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EZ X Loader - Pallet Positioner

EZ X Loader®  –  Bishamon’s New Economy Automatic Pallet Positioner

Bishamon EZ X Loaders are the modern way to manually load and unload pallets. The Xloader and pallet spinner improves efficiency and reduces injury by bringing the level and location of the top of the load closer to the person doing the work. With the Bishamon EZ X Loader, pallet loading and unloading time can be reduced by 40%, thereby substantially increasing productivity.

EZ X Loader Specification Drawing

EZ X Loader Lift Table Specifications

ModelTravelCapacityCapacity Range MinimumCapacity Range MaximumRotator Ring Height LoweredRotator Ring Height RaisedApprox. Ship Wt
EZ X Loader20 in.4,000 lbs.400 lbs.2,600 lbs.9.8 in.29.8 in.500 lbs.

EZ X Loader Highlights

EZ X Loader Design Features

  • No mechanical springs, uses captive air to eliminate the need for a constant air supply
  • Self-raising and lowering of the pallet as load weight changes
  • Variable capacity – no springs to change or estimating of weight
  • Self-dampening eliminates the need for shock absorbers
  • Rotator ring minimizes walking and reaching during the loading process
  • Smooth, even rotator ring motion improves worker efficiency
  • Work is always at the optimum level so worker does not have to bend, stretch or strain
  • Requires very little maintenance

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