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"Pallet Jack / Work Positioner / Pallet Lift"

Bishamon Unilift

Hydraulic Capacities

Easily Handles Standard Pallets, CHEP Pallets and Skids to 2000 lbs. Without Straddling

All-in-One Pallet Transporter

Work Positioner Eliminates Need for Fork Lift and Lift Table


Ideal for Tight Work Cell Applications

Electric Hydraulic System

Electric Hydraulic Powered Up and Down, Manual Push.
Issued Patents: United States No. 8,376,089; China No. ZL200780049482.8; Japan No. 5,575,484; Korea No. 10-1244363 and European Patent No. 2102092. Granted with effect in France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom.

About The UniLift

The UniLift pallet handler can lift and transport a standard pallet without straddling it. It is compatible with standard GMA pallets, CHEP pallets or skids. The UniLift can handle loads up to 2000 lbs. and reaches a height of up to 36 inches (Unloaded). Fitted with high quality polyurethane wheels, the UniLift easily transports loads.

The UniLift is powered by an efficient 24 VDC battery system and an on-board, automatic battery charger. It also features electro-mechanical outrigger actuation with position sensors. The operator console contains convenient buttons that raise and lower the forks, and LED indicators that display the battery status.

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Important Facts

The UniLift is also easy to use. It handles and steers like a standard pallet jack facilitating worker convenience and safety. Each fork has a multi-roller entry system for easy pallet entry and exit. Lifting and lowering the load to a convenient working height is as easy as the push of a button. The UniLift is also designed to last, with a durable, powder coated finish that protects the equipment from harsh environmental conditions.

  • On-board, automatic battery charger
  • Lifting fork height up to 36”
  • Foot brake on steering wheels
  • Handles and steers like a standard pallet jack
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Bishamon Unilift

Control Panel

UniLift Operator Control Panel

Bishamon Unilift Low Position

Pallet Transport Low

UniLift in Low (Pallet Transport) Position

Bishamon Unilift High Position

Pallet Transport High

UniLift in Work Positioner (High Lift) Mode

Bishamon Unilift Multi-Roller


Multi-roller Fork Entry System for Easy Pallet Entry and Exit


• Can be used with standard GMA pallets, 48” x 40” CHEP pallets and/or skids • Dual-purpose product allows for both transport and load lifting • Handles and steers like a standard pallet jack • Lifting fork height up to 36” • Lift cap. up to 2000# (see chart) • Multi-roller fork entry system for easy pallet entry and exit

• Foot brake on steering wheels • On-board, automatic battery charger • Efficient 24 VDC battery system powers lift operation • Electro-mechanical outrigger actuation with position sensors

• Electronic operator console with “raise and lower” buttons, dual function key /battery disconnect switch, outrigger position ED’s, charger status and battery condition LED’s • 8” diameter polyurethane steering wheels • 3” diameter polyurethane load wheels • Durable powder coated finish


UniLift Specification Drawing (Pallet Jack Mode)

Bishamon Unilift
Bishamon Unilift

UniLift Specification Drawing (High Lift Mode)

Bishamon Unilift
Bishamon Unilift

Bishamon Unilift

Options and Accessories for UniLift

Outrigger Load Wheels (Allows fine tuning of load position with forks in the high lift position)

Hand Control (Provides remote operation when forks are in the high lift position)

Carriage Maintenance Kit (Blocks carriage in raised position for maintenance)

Model Pallet Jack Mode
High Lift Mode Capacity
20” Load Center
High Lift Mode Capacity
24” Load Center
Approximate Shipping
UNI-20 2,000 lbs. 2,000 lbs. 1,700 lbs. 640 lbs.

UniLift Literature

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