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LoProfile Series
Low Profile Electric-Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables

Bishamon Lo-Profile Lift

Hydraulic Capacities

Capacities From 550 to 4400 lbs. in Various Fixed Platform Sizes

Low Profile

Low Profile Allows Wheeled Cart and Pallet Jack Access

Extremely Low Platform

Extremely Low Platform Lowered Heights with Models as Low as 2.9 in.


9 Models Available

About The LoProfile

Bishamon's LoProfile lifts are electro-hydraulic lift tables that offer heavy-duty lifting power and convenient low profile functionality. These tables can handle capacities up to 4,400 lbs. and feature a variety of platform sizes and lift heights.

LoProfile tables can lift loads from a very low elevation of 2.9 in. to 4.3 in. This works well with handling equipment that requires a low profile, such as pallet jacks and 4-wheeled carts. LoProfile tables are safe and durable. Every model features a full-perimeter, electric toe guard around the platform that ensures operator safety. They are built with a heavy-duty construction and captured scissor rollers for enhanced stability.

The LoProfile series of lift tables increase worker productivity and reduce strain by positioning materials at a comfortable and convenient operating height. They maximize efficiency in a number of different environments, including production facilities, assembly areas, and warehouses. Designed for durability and practicality, LoProfile lift tables will last for years with minimal maintenance.

LoProfile from Bishamon come in many different models:

- See Specifications Below -

LoProfile Video

Important Facts

Lifting power is provided with a high-performance, external electro-hydraulic power unit with a steel braided hydraulic hose. Platform movement is controlled by a convenient hand-held push button control station. For additional functionality, LoProfile lifts can be used in conjunction with optional accessories such as a foot operated control and approach ramps.

  • - Optional Features -
  • Foot operated control with guard
  • Approach ramp
  • Pallet truck approach ramp
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Bishamon Lo-Profile Lift


Full Perimeter Electric Toeguard

Bishamon Lo-Profile Lift

Power Unit

Remote Power Unit

Bishamon Lo-Profile Lift

Lowered Height

2.9" Lowered Height On Models Up To 1,100lbs


• Extremely low collapsed heights of 2.9" to 4.3" provides access for rolling products, carts or pallet trucks • Electric full-perimeter toeguard around the platform provides optimum operator safety • Heavy-duty construction with captured scissor rollers for maximum stability

• Remote power unit with hand held control • 24V operator control voltage • High performance external electro-hydraulic power unit • Durable steel braided hydraulic hose


Bishamon Lo-Profile Lift
Bishamon Lo-Profile Lift

LoProfile Lift Table Specifications

Bishamon Lo-Profile Lift

LoProfile - LX-100 & LX-200 Power Unit

Bishamon LoProfile LX Series

E = 1 HP / 115V (115V increase UP time, LX-100 = 17 sec., LX-200 = 35 sec.)

1 = 1 HP / 230V / 1 PHASE

3 = 1 HP / 230V / 3 PHASE

3-480 = 1 HP / 480V / 3 PHASE

Model Travel Capacity Platform Size
W (A) x L (B)
Platform Hight
Lowered (C)
Platform Hight
Raised (D)
Approx. Time
Approx. Time
Ship Weight
LX-25S 18.0 in. 550 lbs. 23.5 x 32.5 in. 2.9 in. 20.9 in. 1/2 HP / 115V 7 sec. 5 sec. 213 lbs.
LX-25L 27.1 in. 550 lbs. 23.5 x 40.0 in. 2.9 in. 30.0 in. 1/2 HP / 115V 10 sec. 8 sec. 257 lbs.
LX-50S 18.0 in. 1,100 lbs. 23.5 x 32.5 in. 2.9 in. 20.9 in. 1/2 HP / 115V 13 sec. 8 sec. 228 lbs.
LX-50L 27.1 in. 1,100 lbs. 23.5 x 40.0 in. 2.9 in. 30.0 in. 1/2 HP / 115V 20 sec. 10 sec. 277 lbs.
LX-100W 35.5 in. 2,200 lbs. 34.5 x 51.0 in. 3.3 in. 38.6 in. 1 HP (see notes) 11 sec. 15 sec. 606 lbs.
LX-100N 35.5 in. 2,200 lbs. 24.5 x 51.0 in. 3.3 in. 38.6 in. 1 HP (see notes) 11 sec. 14 sec. 490 lbs.
LX-200WM 35.1 in. 4,400 lbs. 45.5 x 61.5 in. 4.3 in. 39.4 in. 1 HP (see notes) 23 sec. 36 sec. 1,100 lbs.
LX-200N 35.1 in. 4,400 lbs. 33.5 x 55.5 in. 4.3 in. 39.4 in. 1 HP (see notes) 23 sec. 36 sec. 860 lbs.
LX-200WL 35.1 in. 4,400 lbs. 45.5 x 81.0 in. 4.3 in. 39.4 in. 1 HP (see notes) 23 sec. 36 sec. 1,238 lbs.

LoProfile Literature

Literature for All LoProfile Models
Bishamon Lo-Profile Lift Guide


At Bishamon Industries, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality ergonomic lifts that enhance worker safety and increase productivity. Avoid preventable injuries and strain in your workplace with a lift that does the work for you. A lift table could do more than you ever imagined. Over time, we have developed strong partnerships with dealers who sell our equipment to people in the industries where it is needed the most. These dealers know what a great product we offer, so they are willing to stand behind us and supply customers with superior ergonomic lifts.
Our EZ Off Lifter Series • Handles loads up to 2,000 lbs. to a 30" maximum raised height • Platform with 1.75" lowered height provides easy ramp access • Rotating platform eliminates reaching stretching or the need to walk around the pallet to load or unload • Two models to fit most any application. One model features a fixed ramp positionand rests on the floor. The second model (shown) offers three ramp positions and must be attached to the floor • 115 VAC hydraulic operation
Do you have maintenance or operation questions about your Bishamon equipment? Maybe you need to purchase replacement parts. At Bishamon, we offer comprehensive support to all of our customers. We want our customers to be confident that we can help them if anything goes wrong. We know that these units are used to perform very important jobs in your workplace, so we'll do everything we can to help you keep your Bishamon lift in tip top shape.