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EZU Series - EZU-15, EZU-15-R, EZU-15-R-SS
Pneumatic Scissor Lift Tables

Bishamon EZ Up Lift


Strong structural steel frame for increased weight capacity

Finish Look

Durable powder finish


Rotating Platforms Available for Improved Ergonomics


Pneumatic Lift Tables with 1700 lbs. Capacity

About The EZ UP

Are you looking for a safe and reliable pneumatic lift table for your workplace? The EZ UP series from Bishamon is the perfect solution! All of the EZ UP units have a lift capacity of up to 1,700 lbs. and are made to provide powered lift equipment to areas without a power source.

The EZ UP Pneumatic Lift Tables have a clean, streamlined design that reduces the risk of injury, worker fatigue or damaged products.They can be integrated seamlessly in a variety of environments, including clean rooms, paint stations and food processing facilities.

Optional accessories are also available for additional functionality.

EZ UP lifts from Bishamon come in three different models:

EZU-15, EZU-15-R, EZU-15-R-SS


• The Bishamon EZ UP Pneumatic Lift Table uses shop air to lift and position loads for loading and unloading • The EZU-15-R features a convenient rotator ring that eliminates the need for workers to reach, stretch or walk around the lift, thus minimizing worker strain and improving efficiency • The EZ UP also works well as a pallet positioner because of its rotating surface • The EZ UP pneumatic lifts contain no electrical or hydraulic components • They are made with high-quality structural steel and feature a Firestone airstroke actuator for lifting and lowering the load • These low maintenance lifts include entrapped scissor rollers for additional stability. In addition, a durable powder finish that protects the steel from tough working conditions • The EZ UP is also easy to use. The platform is controlled by a three position hand lever that raises and lowers it to the desired height • The rotating models use a secured, ball bearing center pivot that ensures smooth movement • The EZ UP also features hinged maintenance bars powder coated yellow for safety


EZ UP Specification Drawing - Model EZU-15

Bishamon EZ Up Lift
Bishamon EZ Up Lift
Bishamon EZ Up Lift

EZ UP Specification Drawing - Models EZU-15-R & EZU-15-R-SS

Bishamon EZ Up Lift
Bishamon EZ Up Lift
Bishamon EZ Up Lift

Model Travel Platform Platform Lowered Platform Raised Capacity @ 90 psi Capacity @ 100 psi Approx. Ship Wt
EZU-15 20 in. 28 x 48 in. 9.6 in. 29.6 in. 1500 1700 480 lbs.
EZU-15-R 20 in. 43" Dia. Round 10.6 in. 30.6 in. 1500 1700 525 lbs.
*Stainless Steel Construction
20 in. 43" Dia. Round 10.6 in. 30.6 in. 1500 1700 525 lbs.

EZ UP Literature

Literature for EZU-15
Bishamon EZ Up Lift Guide


At Bishamon Industries, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality ergonomic lifts that enhance worker safety and increase productivity. Avoid preventable injuries and strain in your workplace with a lift that does the work for you. A lift table could do more than you ever imagined. Over time, we have developed strong partnerships with dealers who sell our equipment to people in the industries where it is needed the most. These dealers know what a great product we offer, so they are willing to stand behind us and supply customers with superior ergonomic lifts.
Our CompacLift Series • A variety of models with capacities from 440 to 1,650 lbs. • Variety of fixed platform sizes to choose from • Available in manual foot pump, electro-hydraulic and air/hydraulic models • Great for lifting and positioning work in confined areas • Widely used in machine tool and other production line applications
Do you have maintenance or operation questions about your Bishamon equipment? Maybe you need to purchase replacement parts. At Bishamon, we offer comprehensive support to all of our customers. We want our customers to be confident that we can help them if anything goes wrong. We know that these units are used to perform very important jobs in your workplace, so we'll do everything we can to help you keep your Bishamon lift in tip top shape.