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MobiLeveler Series
Mobile Self-Leveling Work Table

Bishamon Mobileveler ESX

Load Capacities

Easily Adjustable with Load Capacities to 880 lbs.


Self-Leveling Platform for Improved Ergonomics

Easy Mobility

Premium Casters and Push Handle for Easy Mobility


The MobiLeveler is available in single and dual spring models

About The MobiLeveler

The Bishamon MobiLeveler gives you the comfort of self-leveling, load compensating operation with the convenience of portability.
It is made with high-quality casters with brakes for smooth transport and heavy-gauge steel with sturdy welds for durability.

MobiLeveler lifts from Bishamon come in three different models:

ESX-10, ESX-20, ESX-40

MobiLeveler Video

Important Facts

The MobiLeveler is available in single and dual spring models. Both models feature an easily accessible gauged weight selector knob that adjusts the spring resistance. It also has a clean, ergonomic design for user comfort. The equipment is finished in a durable powder coat that protects the metal from harmful elements in the environment.

The MobiLeveler will progressively lower when loaded, reducing the need for harmful bending, lifting and stretching. It has a rugged construction that can withstand heavy-duty use in industrial environments. It can be used in a variety of situations to improve worker safety and convenience.

  • Self-Leveling
  • Single and dual spring models
  • Load Capacities Easily Adjustable
  • Easy Mobility
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Experience Industry's Best Engineered Ergonomic Equipment

Bishamon Mobileveler ESX

Quality Casters

High Quality Casters with Locking Brake for Smooth Transport

Bishamon Mobileveler ESX

Locking Pin

Heavy-duty, Scissor Locking Pin for Maintenance Safety

Bishamon Mobileveler ESX

Weight Selector Knob

Convenient Gauged Weight Selector Knob for Adjusting Capacity

Bishamon Mobileveler ESX


Entrapped Scissor Rollers for Added Stability


• Self-leveling, load weight compensating • Easily accessible gauged weight selector knob • Single and dual spring models

• Heavy-duty maintenance, scissor locking pin • Steel work platforms • Rugged construction, with heavy-gauge steel and sturdy welds throughout

• Clean design with minimum maintenance required • Durable powder-coated finish • High quality casters with brake


For the ESX-10, ESX-20 and ESX-40

Bishamon Mobileveler ESX Top View
Bishamon Mobileveler ESX Side View
Bishamon Mobileveler ESX Front View

ESX Model Specifications

Bishamon Mobileveler ESX Table

More Features

  • Foot actuated caster brake
  • Patented design with an easily accessible gauged weight-selector knob
MobiLeveler ESX Specifications
Model Travel Collapsed Cap. Range
Min - Max
Platform Hight
Min. (A) Max. (B)
Platform Size
W (C) x L (D)
Overall Size
W (E) x L (F) x H (G)
Ship Weight
ESX-10 15.8 in. 66 - 220 lbs. 10.4 x 26.2 in. 17.8 x 27.6 in. 17.8 x 33.3 x 31.3 in. 90 lbs.
ESX-21 16.6 in. 175 - 460 lbs. 13.8 x 30.4 in. 19.8 x 32.3 in. 19.8 x 40.0 x 35.5 in. 170 lbs.
ESX-40 16.6 in. 220 - 880 lbs. 14.5 x 31.1 in. 20.5 x 39.8 in. 20.5 x 48.5 x 35.5 in. 280 lbs.

ESX MobiLeveler Lift Table Literature

Literature for ESX-10, ESX-20 and ESX-40
Bishamon Industries ESX Guide


At Bishamon Industries, we are committed to providing our customers with high quality ergonomic lifts that enhance worker safety and increase productivity. Avoid preventable injuries and strain in your workplace with a lift that does the work for you. A lift table could do more than you ever imagined. Over time, we have developed strong partnerships with dealers who sell our equipment to people in the industries where it is needed the most. These dealers know what a great product we offer, so they are willing to stand behind us and supply customers with superior ergonomic lifts.
Our SkidLift Series • Models with capacities of 1,100 lbs. and 2,200 lbs. • Manual foot pump and battery operated lift models • For skids only- no pallets with closed bottom boards • Optional tabletop work platform available
Do you have maintenance or operation questions about your Bishamon equipment? Maybe you need to purchase replacement parts. At Bishamon, we offer comprehensive support to all of our customers. We want our customers to be confident that we can help them if anything goes wrong. We know that these units are used to perform very important jobs in your workplace, so we'll do everything we can to help you keep your Bishamon lift in tip top shape.